National Informatics Centre, Auraiya

With the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding with all the State Governments and with their active support in implementing the computer-communication network, NICNET, the National Informatics Centre has become a bridge between the State Governments and the Central Government on the one hand and the State Governments and their District administrations on the other. In NIC's approach to National Informatics, therefore, the State Government becomes a focal point with downward coordination with the District Administrations and upward coordination with the Central Government Departments. The greatest asset of NIC, today, is its pool of about 3000 well trained and motivated computer personnel, specialized in informatics, working with dedication and quietly catalyzing the transformation of work culture in the Ministries/Departments.

Organizational Setup & Network Infrastructure- NIC essentially operates as an Informatics Service and promotion organisation providing Computer and Communication infrastructure, Computer Specialists, S/w development and training to various Department of Central/State Goverment and District Administration NIC State Centres are located at Capital/HQs of State/UT's. The District Informatic Centres are located in the office of Distt Administration.

NICNET, the satellite Network of the Organisation, is the only National Information Infrastructure (NII) in India at present having both C-Band and KU-Band VSATs, Wireless MANs and LANs with a reach upto all distt and several tehsils/Blocks so as to facilitate IT-led development in Govt. and promotional applications of National importance.

NIC District Unit- The district units of NIC in U.P., as all over India have been providing major I.T. support to the district administration & other district level offices of both the Central & State Government Departments. Providing reliable IT consultancy & IT solutions by NIC District Units even in remote areas has proved to be a major help to the Government machinery. The experience gained by the U.P. Governmentís officers practically using the skills available with NIC in their field operations, makes them exude confidence in NICís capabilities during their state & directorate level postings.

District Centre of NIC has been providing IT support to District administration and departments of Central and State Governments at district level. We are also imparting training to the staff of user departments. Our role during general elections become vital as we involve ourselves in building huge databases of polling personnels, polling centres and stations, route charts, vehicle movements, counting personnels. Online data entry, analysis and transmission of round-wise figures of votes secured by individual candidates. Now we are taking lead in developing web enabled software for Government departments. Major projects running at District Unit are as follows :

  • Land Records Computerization
  • Recovery Certificates Monitoring System
  • State Services Delivery Gateway(SSDG) Project
  • District Treasury Computerization
  • District Courts Computerization
  • Janta-Darshan and Sandarbh Software for Public Grievance
  • MIS of District Supply Office
  • Prematric and Postmatric Scholarship Software
  • Registry Office (PRERNA) Software
  • Tehsil Divas Monitoring of complaints
  • Website Develeopment
  • General Elections (Lok Sabha, Vidhan Sabha, Panchayat, & Municipal Corporation)

Major Services Provided by NIC are as follows:

VideoConferencing-The State Government is actively using NICís 73-node state-of-the-art DAMA based VC network in the state, right from day one. The usage of the facility got another shot in the arm, when Honíble PM on 2nd Januaryí2002, visited NICís VC Studio at 5 Kalidas Marg, the official residence of Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh It was indeed a proud moment for NIC. Present on the occasion were H.E. the Governor and the Honíble CM of the state. NICís technical capabilities and services were fully demonstrated when the V.V.I.P. dignitaries had VC with few district officials.

Contact Person

Tripti Singh
District Informatics Officer
NIC District Centre, Auraiya
Email id:
Contact No. 05683-246985/86