Ghee and Food-grains

Ghee and food-grains are main commodities of trade in Auraiya and Etwah. Ghee is transported to as far as Punjab in the west, Bengal in the East and Andhra pradesh, Tamil nadu and Mumbai in South and South-West. Wheat and oils seeds are the main produce that is transported to the adjoining districts from Auraiya's Wholesale Market. A Ghee producing unit
A Ghee producing unit >

Buffalo and Goats

District Etawah is known for Jamuna pari goats & Bhadabari Buffalows.

Jamunapari Goats :
This breed is world famous and in whole India it is found in Auraiya and  Etawah districts.The main identity of this breed long ears, parrot like nose, long bodies,heavy feet and long hairs. 

This breed survives on Babul, Jherberi and green leaves for food. This breed produces milk better than any other breed. It produces on an average 3 litres milk per day. Due to these qualities this breed is liked by everyone. Due to its uncontrolled export this breed is now vanishing. U.P. Govt. has banned its  export since 1976. Total no. of Goats is about 5660. 

Jamunapari Goats
Jamunapari Goats ^
Bhadawari Buffalows:
This breed is found in Auraiya and Etawah area. It is recognised due to its copper color and two or three white lines on its neck. Their milk contain around 13% fat. This much fat is not found in any other breed. They are highly liked by people due to these qualities.  Due to there uncontrolled export these breeds are now vanishing. U.P. Govt. has banned their export since 1976. Total no. of Goats is about 5660.


The potato is the main crop of the district and exported to the neighbouring districts and states also. In 1999, it was grown on 6250 Hectares of land.

Potato Crop in Auraiya
Potato Crop ^